Taking Advantage Of The Calm

Today was much more relaxed than yesterday, especially when one considered the fact that I woke up close to lunch this time around.  I barely even left my room for the day, only doing so for meals and the eventual bath I had to take in the afternoon.  So most of my attention was focused on whatever it was I was doing on my PC, though it was mostly gaming admittedly.  Heck, I was even able to fire up Steam again for what seemed to be the longest time — and proceeded to spend the next few hours on X-Com Enemy Within. Oi.

Not looking forward to tomorrow as usual.  It being a Sunday shift aside, there’s still that looming specter of that HR hearing casting its shadow on things.  Ugh.

In any case, I guess I’m turning in relatively early.  Not like I have stuff to download or watch anyway.


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