Always On A Weekend

There wasn’t anything in the fridge that could be made into a take-to-office lunch, so this meant that I was on my own as far as food was concerned.  This extended to my breakfast (as the stuff usually used for my packed lunch was also used for my breakfast), which forced me to take a detour to Jollibee to grab a bite (for the curious, it was their 1-piece chicken meal for 99 PHP).  I had no time to enjoy the meal itself though, as there was a real danger of getting late.

The worry turned out to be unfounded however, as I arrived at the office with something like thirty minutes to spare… only to experience the same old issues in finding a remote server that had everything I needed in working order. Luckily it only two restarts to find one that had all the programs I needed, and what’s more, could play Kantai Collection too.

Of course whatever positives I managed to find at the start of the shift was offset by the fact that, yeah, we had CS Walmart duty again. They started to peter off around ten or so, but honestly I’d rather have a day without having to entertain a caller who’s only going to scream and curse at me at the end of it anyway.  Hmph.

There was a whole lot of clouds, but no rain, which suited me just fine when the shift finally ended.  Clouds aside though, it was ridiculously bright when I got home though, as if it was still summertime, to the point that there was still sunlight well past six in the evening.

Thinking of turning in early as usual, but let’s just how that goes, given how it’s going to be slow tomorrow at the office anyway.


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