Not Really All That Good Either

Point of fact, despite my best efforts, I seem to be getting up later than I did a few months ago.  I’m chalking it up to not having that much reason to be early (being forced to start over in Kancolle for example), as well as hitting the sack again when the alarm on my phone rings.  Its no wonder that, rather than having an hour or more free pre-log in time when I get to the office, these days I’m lucky to get half of that.

In any case, today was the usual Tuesday shift, meaning a whole lot of Walmart calls mixed in with our usual duties.  However, given the fact that I was lacking a bit of sleep, the first half of the morning wasn’t pretty.  In fact, I was worried that I’d nod off in the middle of a call, or worse, slip up due to fatigue-induced lack of focus. As it was, I was actually slurring my words at times, though none of the customers I talked to noticed.

That, and instead of the usual coffee, I loaded up juice into my thermos instead.  The crash, when it came, was quite scary.

I suppose that it was a bit lucky for me then that workforce took me off the Walmart queue around ten in the morning, despite the fact that its queue was backed up like crazy.  I suppose they wanted to forestall a disaster waiting to happen, as I can be quite cranky when I lack rest.

Managed to survive the shift though, even finished the Oracle self-evaluation form that I was apparently supposed to complete yesterday.  After that, well, it’s no surprise again that I sought the refuge of my bed when I got home.

As for tomorrow… Payday!  Ah, to have money again in the bank, minus the deductions for the bills of course.


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