More Like Take And Take

And to think I was looking forward to the midweek, the first thing that greeted me as I arrived at the office was my TL asking me to finishing setting up my system, and get ready to set up meeting aux around fifteen minutes into my shift.  When the time came, I was hustled over to a corner, where along with the most senior agent on hand, I was given bad news.  Again.  

Apparently a CS of mine, one that ended up in an escalation, got pulled up, and as usual my way with words during the call landed me in trouble.  So I had to fill out another CAF, which this time was accompanied by a verbal dressing down by my TL.  Sigh.  In the end, I filled in my explanation, signed the form, and went back on call.

But on the plus side, from that point on, I didn’t receive any CS call whatsoever for the rest of the shift.  Add to that the fact that the remote server I landed in could play Kancolle, and there was a lot of stuff to keep my mind off the fact that I screwed up yet again.  Sigh.

That aside, it was payday!  Which meant money to put into my savings again!  Yay.  Didn’t go home straight away, and made a detour to have a trim, but it was well worth the cost, I think.

Then, when I got home, bed. Sweet oblivion.


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