Time’s Up

Welp, there goes my hopes that HR hopefully misplaced my CAF, as the first thing I encountered today when I got to the office was my supervisor telling me that I had a meeting with the HR office some thirty minutes before the end of the shift.  As I was to find out later, it was a brief meeting to inform me about the venue of the HR hearing, which will apparently take place at one in the afternoon on Monday.  So much for a stay on my “execution.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I spent something like forty-five minutes of my time trying to find another remote server that had all the programs that I needed working.  Blah.  At least there weren’t too many CS calls today, but then again, I consider one Walmart call already too much so…

There was quite a bit of rain today, but during most of the morning it just seemed like a ludicrously thick fog.  By the time I got out of the office though, it was actual rain that I encountered, which meant that I had to catch a jeepney ride to the MRT station.

Trying not to be depressed about all of this, but the thought that after the hearing I’m pretty much guaranteed to be out of work is never fun.

Edit: Oh, and for some reason, someone’s singing very load and out-of-tune karaoke outside in the court close to our house.  How my father’s sleeping through that, I honestly have no idea.

Edit Edit: Ah right, there was also a bit of a tremor yesterday evening.  


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