Groan-Worthy And All

Although the day at the office started out somewhat normally, around an hour so into the day the system went down center-wide.  And it wasn’t just isolated to one particular program like it usually is, oh no — even our phone dialers and the internet to our remote servers were affected too (which meant no internet access within the remote servers themselves).  This meant that, for much of the day, we were forced to do improvised downtime spiels for all callers, which undoubtedly frustrated countless people calling in today.

As for the hearing, ah, while it wasn’t a disaster it still means that I’m still in that limbo between continued employment and being out of work. I’m not too optimistic though, as the final word will come down to our center management, and the head honcho and I’ve had some history, and none of it positive.  So, just counting time, really at this point.

Oh, and have to keep on my toes… which is going to be a problem, as focus was never my strong point while under stressful situations, and my mouth kind of runs off when it happens.  Ugh.


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