Ending It Nice And Slow

July 31, 2014

Today, not surprisingly, started out with rain.  Again, it was an excuse to bring an umbrella with me to work, but it petered out before I got to the MRT station.  Indeed, I didn’t have to open it for the rest of the day.

The shift at work was thankfully much the same as yesterday.  The only piece of excitement was the fact that there were foreign visitors, which made my heart jump in my throat when I remembered that I had left my things on my work station, but thankfully they didn’t drop by the work floor.  It does look like they’d be people the evening ship would have to worry about, however.

Nothing much to say aside from that, except for the fact that, when I finally went to bed in the afternoon for my nap, I slept like a log.  Hmm.


Those Slow Midweeks

July 30, 2014

In a welcome change from what I’ve been doing for the past few days, I actually managed to wake up early, which meant I was able to bath, get changed, and eat breakfast at a leisurely pace.  And while it started to rain just as I was about to set out, it started to peter out once I was close to the MRT station, so I found bringing an umbrella with me to be mostly a waste.

As for the shift itself, I was afraid that it’d be wall-to-wall calls, but it was mostly an unfounded fear.  Despite being on merchant and membership duties for the whole day (which I was thankful for, again), I don’t even think the queue spiked once during the whole time I was at the office.  That was pleasant, to say the least.

Despite it being intermittently rainy during the morning, there wasn’t any rain to be had at the end of the shift, though it was cloudy for the rest of the afternoon.  Needless to say, I was able to arrive at our neighborhood without much incident.  I didn’t go home straight though — had to make a detour to pay off the phone bill for the month.  My savings wasn’t happy about that, for sure.

Here’s to hoping tomorrow brings more of the same.

P.S. Today’s the birthday of one of my closest childhood friends, who died before I stepped into high school.  I’ve been alive for twice as long as hes’ been gone now, and there’s a little part of me that wondered what might have happened had he survived his illness.  What would he think of, for example, how his sister’s now part of my family, having married one of my distant cousins?  I can’t help but wonder really.

Weighted Toward The Side I Prefer

July 29, 2014

Woke up relatively late today, as apparently I had woken up when the alarm rang, turned it off, then went right to bed. As a result, my father had to rouse me again, though this time around there was considerably less trouble once I noted the time.

There was a bit of rain on the way, but even then I elected to leave behind the umbrella this time. Got to the MRT station only slightly wet, and by the time I hit Makati there wasn’t even a drop of rain in sight.  There were few vehicles again, but I suppose it’s due to the holiday again.

We weren’t quite understaffed as I had feared yesterday, though the queues did get backed up once or twice.  I was kind of lucky, as I was once again assigned to only the merchant and membership queues, so no stress associated to CS calls. That’s not to say that the membership queues were easy, but at least you had some measure of control on them.

It was raining for most of the day again, though by the time I got off it had petered out again, so I was able to get home without getting wet.

After going through the usual afternoon activities when I got home, I went and did that nap that I should have done yesterday.

Calm, As Usual

July 28, 2014

It started out cloudy today, but I didn’t bring an umbrella with me to work.  I was a bit unlucky in that regard, as it started to rain briskly as I walked to the MRT station.  Thankfully I was merely wet, and not soaked to the skin, and what’s more the rain started to weaken once I got to the train platform.

Didn’t have any impediment heading to the office, as the roads were strangely clear of vehicles… Then I remembered it was the SONA today, which meant that it was technically a holiday.

Although I was able to set up my system with time to spare, I didn’t log in immediately.  Instead, I had to eat the packed lunch I had brought with me, mostly due to the fact that I wasn’t able to eat breakfast in my rush to leave the house.  I kind of over-estimated my time in finishing off the rice too, and ended up logging in some two minutes late.  Buh.

The shift was nothing special, mostly membership calls, though the rain intensified outside, and again things dropped to “foggy”-level visibility for a while.  Also conveniently the other members of the team lost access to their membership application programs, so I was left to answer application calls for a while.

There wasn’t any rain once the shift ended, and I was able to get home without incident, and without any detours.  Incidentally I didn’t go to sleep once I got home, but instead stayed and killed the time watching the anime I set to download while I was at the office, all the while waiting for the Kantai Collection update to finish.

I’m a little worried about tomorrow, and not just because it’s a Tuesday shift, but because there are rumblings that we’re going to be understaffed, due to most of the team being out. That bodes really ill.

Aches And Pains, Yet Again

July 27, 2014

As my practice, I reserved a day off after my birthday, because really, I wouldn’t be in the right mindset to take in calls anyway.  That, and I also wanted to have a day all to myself for a change.  And yes, this meant that I spent most of it catching up on my sleep, despite my father’s best attempts to throw me out of bed.

I did eventually get up from bed though, but only to freshen up (meaning washing my face and gargling ahaha), and have a very late lunch.  As usual my father grumbled about how I wasn’t getting enough exercise, but he always did that even when I was slim, so I ignored him this time.

And doing something about my weight situation was exactly foremost in my mind.  Since last night, I started on my old exercise routine, though not surprisingly the lack of practice led to a lot of pain come this morning.  It’s still a start, and I’ll continue to do so, while at the same time reducing my intake.  All of this will be done in secret of course (meaning whatever exercise I’ll be doing will be in the evening), to avoid my father’s usual jives.  The old man needs to learn that whatever the heck works on him doesn’t work on me (or my sister for that matter).

In any case, this will be a long and very painful process.  And I hope to see things through.

Birthday Come, Birthday Go

July 26, 2014

As usual practice during my birthday, I woke up early to attend the first mass of the day.  This meant that I wasn’t able to accompany my father to the market, but he had the baby’s minder to help him, so it was okay.  Got to church right in the middle of the morning novena, so I just stayed around until it finished and segued to the mass itself.

And wouldn’t you know it, the priest officiating the mass was the long-winded fellow whose sermons usually turned normally 1-hour affairs into two hour marathons.  Guess what happened next?  The mass, which I remembered in the past to barely last thirty minutes (as it’s the first one in the day), lasted an hour and forty-five minutes.  Cripes.

Anyway, it was back home after that, at which I just putzed in front of my PC while the rest finished the preparations for lunch, which my uncle (who’s a chef on the ships he’s usually on) overseeing the cooking of most of the food itself.  And there was a lot of it — pork skewers and valenciana aside, there was also roasted bangus, and lots and lots of fried lumpia.

Then of course I was asked to make a run to the pancit malabon place in our neighborhood to buy a bilao.  As I knew we’d have a lot of food already, I just took the smallest one (enough for five people), and still figured that it’d be too much.

When lunch finally came, we called in our neighbor — well technically she should be family now, seeing how she married one of my distant cousins — and her husband, took a picture of the spread, then sat down to eat.  We were a bit lucky that the baby was still asleep, so my sister and the caretaker were able to eat with us.  As expected, that was a heck of a lot of food, and even with seven people there was still quite a bit left over (I expect it to last us at least a day and a half more).  And when I went back up to check on my edits on the PC, I found that my nephew had woken up, so I brought him downstairs to share with the rest of us.

The rest of the day passed rather leisurely after that, which everyone just hanging around the living room with the baby, with mom on Skype watching us.  Eventually my sister’s husband arrived, and took the bike with him, which meant that my sister, the baby, and his caretaker went home too.

As for me?  I took a nap during the late afternoon (and the fact it started to become gloomy mid-afternoon, and actually started raining to boot), because why not?  It’s my birthday, and I’ll veg if I want to.

The Eve Before That Day Again

July 25, 2014

It’s the first of my two day offs, and it started with my nephew (with his grandfather in tow) paying me a visit to my room.  I hadn’t quite woken up yet (and indeed, it wa slike an hour before my alarm was supposed to trigger), so I just lay there and waved the two off, then settled myself back on the pillows.  It took a while before my body finally caught up to my waking mind, but when it finally did, I jumped out of bed, took my bath towel, and headed downstairs to do that most odious of activities… which is to say to collect a stool sample. 

Let’s just say that I managed to fill up the small plastic container provided by the lab technicians, and leave it at that.

After that it was a quick bath, then a change of clothes, then off to work it was with said sample in tow (with said container also contained in a plastic bag just to be on the safe side).  Had the unfortunate experience of being forced to wait in a huge line just to get down to the platform at the MRT station, but I suppose that was always a danger once you got past eight in the morning for most days.  And you wonder why I prefer early-morning shifts?

In any case, I got to the office, quickly passed off the sample to the lab techs, then went downstairs to withdraw my salary.  It was payday, after all.  As per practice, a good chunk of it went into paying off my main credit card bill — three thousand in fact, which left me with little over three thousand more to pay next month.  The rest went into savings again, though it begs to see whether or not it’d last, what with the other household maintenance bills incoming.

After that, I treated myself to a late breakfast — wasn’t able to eat anything before I ran out of the house — in this case a Chowking Chicken Lauriat.  It was quite filling, and was technically the only full meal I had to eat for the whole day.

Tomorrow of course is my birthday, which means getting up early to try and catch the first mass.  Then, apparently I’m to join my father in buying the stuff we’ll use to cook the meals for later.  Hopefully the thousand pesos I gave on Wednesday will be enough.

Ugh, gonna be another year older tomorrow. Can’t say that I’m looking forward to that too much, the usual blessings aside.