Ending It Nice And Slow

Today, not surprisingly, started out with rain.  Again, it was an excuse to bring an umbrella with me to work, but it petered out before I got to the MRT station.  Indeed, I didn't have to open it for the rest of the day. The shift at work was thankfully much the same as yesterday. … Continue reading Ending It Nice And Slow


Those Slow Midweeks

In a welcome change from what I've been doing for the past few days, I actually managed to wake up early, which meant I was able to bath, get changed, and eat breakfast at a leisurely pace.  And while it started to rain just as I was about to set out, it started to peter … Continue reading Those Slow Midweeks

Weighted Toward The Side I Prefer

Woke up relatively late today, as apparently I had woken up when the alarm rang, turned it off, then went right to bed. As a result, my father had to rouse me again, though this time around there was considerably less trouble once I noted the time. There was a bit of rain on the … Continue reading Weighted Toward The Side I Prefer

Calm, As Usual

It started out cloudy today, but I didn't bring an umbrella with me to work.  I was a bit unlucky in that regard, as it started to rain briskly as I walked to the MRT station.  Thankfully I was merely wet, and not soaked to the skin, and what's more the rain started to weaken … Continue reading Calm, As Usual

Aches And Pains, Yet Again

As my practice, I reserved a day off after my birthday, because really, I wouldn't be in the right mindset to take in calls anyway.  That, and I also wanted to have a day all to myself for a change.  And yes, this meant that I spent most of it catching up on my sleep, … Continue reading Aches And Pains, Yet Again

Birthday Come, Birthday Go

As usual practice during my birthday, I woke up early to attend the first mass of the day.  This meant that I wasn't able to accompany my father to the market, but he had the baby's minder to help him, so it was okay.  Got to church right in the middle of the morning novena, … Continue reading Birthday Come, Birthday Go

The Eve Before That Day Again

It's the first of my two day offs, and it started with my nephew (with his grandfather in tow) paying me a visit to my room.  I hadn't quite woken up yet (and indeed, it wa slike an hour before my alarm was supposed to trigger), so I just lay there and waved the two … Continue reading The Eve Before That Day Again