One Thing After Another

Most people will likely have to contend with at least one HR admin hearing during their careers.  Me?  I’m now faced with yet another one, and this for a completely different thing entirely.  The previous one was already for a terminable offense.  I honestly have no way to defend myself now, with this second one on the way, especially after my sheepish admittance during the hearing I had this Monday, which was recorded too.

Ugh, darnit.  Might as well hand me my walking papers now, I think.  And what’s worse about this is that my TL isn’t even trying, though why should he anyway?  it seems to be a lost cause.

Apart from that, today’s shift seems to be somehow better and worse than the usual Tuesday shift.  Worse, because not only did I have no access to my Membership stuff (which were for some reason, were blocked in the same way non-business related outside sites were blocked) the Walmart cue was extremely backed up.  At one point, there seemed to be sixty calls waiting, it was ridiculous.  It’s no surprise that a Critical Work Month has been announced.  Again.

I’m seriously wondering if Operations is actually seeing what’s happening during the mornings.  Well, not likely, as I haven’t seen an increase of people assigned for my shift, that’s for sure.

In any case, here I am, on call center death’s row so to speak, and I’m still being forced to deal with all that Walmart shenanigans.  Really wringing as much use from me before I’m let go, eh company of mine?


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