In It For The Tiny Blessings

Despite all that’s happened, here I am still going to the office.  There was a bit of a scare this morning though, as I somehow managed to wake up close to six in the morning, which meant a mad dash to get ready for work.  That I somehow managed to get to work without getting late was a welcome surprise, for sure.

As for work, circumstances somehow contrived to leave me with only a single merchant program functioning for most of the day, despite multiple restarts.  This meant that, until maybe two hours before the end of the shift, I literally only handled store calls.  Sure, it was quite backed up for a while, but it was a much more welcome situation to answering CS calls all day.  On the down side, as I wasn’t able to bring any sort of packed lunch with me, I had to shell out money for both my breakfast (which I wasn’t able to eat at home, as I was in a hurry) and lunch.

That aside, I sure looked forward to getting back home.  Dropped right into bed, and woke up late in the evening.  It’s actually raining outside, which means a somewhat cooler experience once I go back to bed in a bit.

And tomorrow?  Well, laundry aside, there’s also the payment of the phone bill to look forward to.


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