Dodged Somewhat

I figured that it would be another grueling Sunday shift once I got to the office today, but it turned out that I lucked out somewhat.  One of the important programs I used for both the merchant and CS functions of my job for some reason locked me out.  Normally this could be fixed via call to our local Help Desk…Except after something like twenty minutes and three re-tries no one seemed to be answering.  Hmm.

As a result I spent the rest of the day just processing membership calls.  And while the queue spiked at times, it was still vastly more preferable to taking in Walmart calls.  Given how quickly the calls came in at times, it was hard to relax during the first half of the day, but obviously things slowed down tremendously close to eleven in the morning.

Oh, and as an aside, the pantry during Sundays is a sty, in many ways.  Not surprising, as there wasn’t anyone looking after it (aka cleaning it) during Sundays.  Blah.


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