Like Hibernating, Except More Sudden

Just in case anyone was wondering why I didn’t make a journal entry yesterday, I pretty much slept through much of the afternoon, the whole of the evening, and straight into the morning.  I figure it was my body trying to make up for the fact that I was running on barely two hours of rest yesterday, but apparently it was unusual enough that my father was worried I was sick or something.

Today was comparatively uneventful for a Tuesday, if you ignore the sudden downpour that greeted us this morning.  It was strong enough that I was forced to bring an umbrella to the office (and indeed, there was typhoon warning), but most of the day was spent remarkably rain-free.  Funny, that.

Depending on who you ask, I sort of lucked out today, what with being put only on merchant and membership duty for the duration of the shift.  Sort of, because it was blatantly obvious how I was taken off the queue due to how my first call of the day, which was not only a CS call, but an escalation too (with the customer complaining I was rude to her).  Given how escalations these days are forwarded to the upper management, I can’t see how that will be a good thing in the long run, but then again I’ve received a second hearing notice in a month, so I doubt anything at this point can be worse than that.

Oh, and my father once more game me a sermon on how I seem to have a good-sized credit card bill again.  To be fair this time, he has a point, but as usual, the lure of the Paypal button was just too much.  Will have to take the card off my profile though, if I want to get any saving done this month…

Today’s afternoon is nice and cool for a change, so I’ll take that as an opportunity to nap.


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