Spinning A Disaster Into A Slightly Lesser One

Woke slightly later than usual, but after that it was off to do the usual chores for the day.  I did the weekly laundry, just as my father set off to meet my sister at Trinoma to get the baby and his caretaker, as usual for the weekend.  I finished the laundry in due course, and with just hanging up the clothes on the clothesline left to be done, I went in a bit to have my lunch (rice and green mussels — known to locals as tahong).  While I was doing this, I finished off the lemonade that was in the pitcher we had in the fridge, which once emptied I put on the sink, then I put on the tap to fill it with water (so I could rinse it out with soap later).

When I finished eating, I put aside the plate, then headed out to finally put the laundry out to dry… But in the process the fact that the water at the sink was filling up the pitcher slipped my mind completely.  Whoops.

Needless to say, once I went back into the house after putting up all the laundry, I found the kitchen and much of the living room flooded, and the sink overflowing.  What followed next was some panicked pumping out of the sink after turning off the faucet (to drain it of water as it wasn’t going down the drain on its own), as well as liberal use of the dust pan to get the excess water out of the front door.  This continued for something like thirty minutes, and by the one hour mark there was still a good layer of water pooling around some of the more recessed areas of the first floor.

By the time my father arrived back at the house things had mostly dried up, though were still some pools here and there.  I tried to spin it to my father that I was trying to mop the floor, but due to my lack of experience with that facet of housework, I kind of fudged it up… And he took the explanation at face value, which shows just how little faith my father had in me to keep the house in order.  After letting the baby and his keeper stay for a bit with Ate next door, he went about “correcting” my deficiency in trying to clean the house himself.  By the time he was finished some ten minutes later, the 1st floor flooring was not only dry, but spotless.

You wouldn’t believe the smug look he had afterward.


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