… And Then It Finally Rolled In

It was quite a day today. The power apparently went out in our part of the city a few hours before I woke up due to the storm, which meant that I had to experience having breakfast and take a bath by candlelight.  And because of the rain, I obviously had to use an umbrella this time around to go to work… except even with the umbrella it was hard going, as there was strong wind accompanying the rain this time around.

Somehow managed to catch one of the last few MRT trains of the morning, but even then it was kind of surreal in how the second floor was apparently flooded on the station’s north side (as it was the side exposed to the wind and rain).  Got to the office without incident though, but there was a real risk of my umbrella being blown out on the way.

Day at the office itself was… interesting to say the least.  While I was able to log in without fuss, we experienced an outage on our floor as apparently the whole city’s power finally flickered, then went out entirely.  Our systems didn’t give out on us of course, but only due to how the building’s generators immediately kicked in.

Was slightly annoyed at how I was forced to take in CS calls today, but thankfully they were disclosure calls rather than actual Walmart calls, which means we could actually do  stuff for customers.  Still annoyed though .

Visibility outside varied, going from “slightly obscured by rain” to “holy heck, can’t see for anything” for most of the day.  Things finally did clear, but only close to the end of the shift, where it stopped raining altogether.

Oh, and the company had free food.  Availed myself to hot rice, lumpia, and monggo before I finally went home.  There wasn’t any power when I got home, but coincidentally power was restored less than fifteen minutes after I got back.  My sister even gave a surprise call (on my cel), as apparently the area of her house still didn’t have power.

Hopefully less interesting times for tomorrow.


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