Happy To Be Done With It

Kind of happy that  there wasn’t any rain for a change this morning, which meant that I was able to get to the office without much incident.  This also meant that, when it did finally rain, I was already well-ensconced in my workstation.

As for the calls, mostly merchant and membership calls thankfully, though due to issues with the headsets I had to take in calls via handset.  It didn’t make things difficult per se, just awkward.

Managed to get home without getting wet, but I arrived to a neighborhood that didn’t have power.  Apparently the power went out at around one in the afternoon.  There was a bit of a wait before we had power again — it only came back on close to six-thirty in the evening.  In the interim, we experienced a strong squall, which for some reason flooded our kitchen sink, which led to some panicked filling of buckets to prevent downstairs from flooding.

Things are mostly back to normal now, though who knows if we’ll lose power again tomorrow. Hopefully not. 


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