Not Really Routine

I actually woke up early today… which wasn’t really what I planned, though it did allow me time to do some stuff before I had to go downstairs to do the laundry. Mostly it was gaming stuff — finishing the quests and expeditions that I could on Kantai Collection, as well as getting in a few matches in World of Tanks.  I was also tempted to just go back to sleep, but decided against it, as it would just result in me sleeping on through lunchtime.

I started the laundry at around nine fifty or so.  While I was seated outside, my uncle was off to one side talking to his eldest son, one of my cousins, about apparently said son’s relationship issues (apparently he had a major fight with his girlfriend, and they had broken up in the aftermath, which meant he was rather broken up about it).  As I wasn’t able to bring down my cellphone for my usual accompanying music while I scrubbed and rinsed the laundry, I settled for just listening to my uncle try to dispense advise to his distraught progeny.

Passed the rest of the day lazily after all the laundry was rinsed and hung out to dry.  Wish I could have taken a nap instead, but I suppose I was just too jumped up on Pepsi for that to happen. 


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