Stuff I Didn’t Participate In

I woke up early again, though as is becoming custom with these sort of things I didn’t go back to bed again, and instead took advantage of it to get a leg up… on the rest of the day’s uncreative activities.

And really, that’s all I did today.  The morning habits aside (meaning washing my face, gargling, then other toilet activities), I only left my place in front of the PC to eat lunch or take a bath.  Quite a lazy day for me, really.

My father wasn’t so idle however.  For most of the day, he, my uncle, and my cousin were trying to figure out what exactly was causing our kitchen sink to clog up, and even flood at times, despite there being no visible blockage.  This meant that they tried everything, from running a long metal line through the tubing, to dismantling the pipes under the sink itself.  

In the end even they seem to have admitted that it was far beyond them, so they eventually called in a plumber to have things looked at and, it seems, fixed.  So much for do-it-yourself.

Looks like tatay is going to pay my sister and a baby a visit (with some rice in tow) tomorrow, to make up for the baby not spending the weekend with us.  Kind of unavoidable, what with him suffering a cold and all.

As for tomorrow’s shift, ah, just hope it’s less CS and more merchant calls.


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