No Real Favors

Woke up somewhat late, though not late enough that I had to scramble to take a bath and ready myself for work.  Managed to arrive at work on time, and for once I didn’t experience anything wrong with regards to my system, to the point where I was able to log on without trouble.

Shift was normal for the most part, which meant no CS calls and just on regular merchant and membership duty.  The only thing that might even be remotely counted as something different was how our remote servers shut down sometime around noon, which forced us to wait a bit before logging in again to get a new one… Only in my case the one I pulled up also shut down barely half an hour later.  Go figure.

Arrived home to find myself alone in the house, as both my father and uncle paid my sister (and the baby) a visit at her house in Quezon City.  Pretty much stayed that way until around six, when the both of them finally arrived (and after I got back from church to boot).

Resisted the urge to nap, and did as much Kancolle as I could manage.  Since I hit Admiral Level 80 this morning through PVP, I figured that since I was screwed by level scaling anyway if and when the Midway Event arrived, I threw caution to the win and spammed development for CAP/Green planes, which was soon followed by spamming ship construction in the hope of getting I-8.  In the end, I ended up with four more Reppus to add to the quartet I already had, along with four Shinden Kai 2s, two Type 62 Zero Divebombers, and two more Saiuns, plus a gaggle of Suiseis and Ryuuseis.  

Oh, and I got Hachi again, so yeah, the resources were somewhat well-spent.

Here’s to a slow day tomorrow at work, and hopefully a remote server that can play Kantai Collection, as I’d like to get a start on the weekend quests for a change.


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