More Of Nothing At All

Not really that much to share about my day today.  I woke up on time, and despite spending like twenty-odd minutes doing some Kantai Collection daily quests, I was still able to bath, have breakfast, and prepare for work without enough time to not worry about getting late to the office.

The shift was what I’d come to expect for Mondays too, which is to say slow and relaxed, and with a whole lot of time in between to do whatever you want.  In my case, it was obviously browsing through my favorite websites, within reason of course.  I just wish that my officemates would stop turning the A/C’s thermostat down to 19 degrees — by around noontime, I could barely feel my fingers while I typed, but whenever I turned the darned thing off, they’d go back and turn the A/C blower in our area on again.

Was a bit cloudy when I got off shift, though thankfully there was no rain.  As a result, while the afternoon wasn’t as cool as I’d like, it wasn’t uncomfortably warm either.  There was a bit of a breeze as well, though more during the late afternoon and early evening than at the time I got back home.

Tuesday again tomorrow, so bracing for the worst as usual.


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