Weather Rollercoaster

Suffice to say, it was quite rainy today, to the point that I had to take an umbrella with me… except the foldable umbrella I took with me didn’t really open properly.  Which meant I was a bit lucky, as whenever the rain started to get stronger, I was safe and under shelter — like when I arrived at the MRT station, the area was hit by a powerful squall, and yet when I get to Makati there wasn’t even a shower falling.

Got to work, to only find out that the merchant and CS systems were all down, leaving us with the membership stuff to work with for the entirety of the shift.  This meant that we could process membership applications, but whenever a merchant called in, we had to give the downtime spiel.  I imagine that a lot of stores were not happy with that, no siree.

Still lucked out after I got out of work, as whenever a strong burst of rain hit I was always indoors or under cover.  Managed to get home fine as a result, and most importantly, dry.

My sister was in evidence, which meant that the baby was running around once I got home.  For most of the afternoon and into the early evening my sister stayed in my room, doing at-home work for her bosses at IBM.  Suffice to say I wasn’t able to get any naps done, which was very tempting given the cool breeze that accompanied the afternoon rain.

Sis eventually relocated downstairs before dinner though, as her work requires her to be up until midnight, which will obviously make it hard for me to get any rest if she stayed here upstairs.  No worries, our internet has a line downstairs, so she can continue her work uninterrupted there.


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