Looking That Waistline Monster In The Face

There was a concern that it was going to rain, so I took an umbrella with me to work.  Turned out to be an ill-founded worry, as we mostly had sunny skies for the rest of the day. 

As for the work day itself, it was pretty normal, except for the fact that, once again, my teammates insisted on putting the A/C on its lowest temperature settings.  I have really no idea what they’re thinking, especially since some of them were actually donning blankets, it was so cold.  But every time I turned the A/C in our area off, they just go and turn it on again.

Didn’t go home after the shift, and instead went downstairs to get the annual physical examination over and done with.  And it only confirmed my greatest fear — I was over 40 pounds overweight, well into the “obese” category again.  Urgh. Didn’t want to hear that news just days before my birthday, but there it is.  Have to seriously cut down now on my intake, if I don’t want any future health problems.

Oh, and we were given a free flu shot at the end of it, so it wasn’t that bad.  Will have to come back tomorrow to turn in a stool sample though.

Buh, I really hate to count calories — exercise at the gym was comparatively easier, but I don’t have any money for that anymore…


One thought on “Looking That Waistline Monster In The Face

  1. Best of luck with your health! I had an aha moment myself about 6 years ago when I was almost 50lbs overweight and very much in the obese category of BMI. I found that counting calories really is the most effective thing – weight loss is mostly about eating less (and a little bit about exercising more), and you can’t know that you’re eating less if you don’t measure.

    I did start exercising more at the same time, and finding a way to exercise can only help, but remember that it’s more about the eating. I was sedentary for almost a year about 4 years ago due to a broken kneecap, and my weight never went back up to the overweight range due to my dietary habits. So I really do believe it’s all about calorie control. Hope you can find success in this endeavor.

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