The Eve Before That Day Again

It’s the first of my two day offs, and it started with my nephew (with his grandfather in tow) paying me a visit to my room.  I hadn’t quite woken up yet (and indeed, it wa slike an hour before my alarm was supposed to trigger), so I just lay there and waved the two off, then settled myself back on the pillows.  It took a while before my body finally caught up to my waking mind, but when it finally did, I jumped out of bed, took my bath towel, and headed downstairs to do that most odious of activities… which is to say to collect a stool sample. 

Let’s just say that I managed to fill up the small plastic container provided by the lab technicians, and leave it at that.

After that it was a quick bath, then a change of clothes, then off to work it was with said sample in tow (with said container also contained in a plastic bag just to be on the safe side).  Had the unfortunate experience of being forced to wait in a huge line just to get down to the platform at the MRT station, but I suppose that was always a danger once you got past eight in the morning for most days.  And you wonder why I prefer early-morning shifts?

In any case, I got to the office, quickly passed off the sample to the lab techs, then went downstairs to withdraw my salary.  It was payday, after all.  As per practice, a good chunk of it went into paying off my main credit card bill — three thousand in fact, which left me with little over three thousand more to pay next month.  The rest went into savings again, though it begs to see whether or not it’d last, what with the other household maintenance bills incoming.

After that, I treated myself to a late breakfast — wasn’t able to eat anything before I ran out of the house — in this case a Chowking Chicken Lauriat.  It was quite filling, and was technically the only full meal I had to eat for the whole day.

Tomorrow of course is my birthday, which means getting up early to try and catch the first mass.  Then, apparently I’m to join my father in buying the stuff we’ll use to cook the meals for later.  Hopefully the thousand pesos I gave on Wednesday will be enough.

Ugh, gonna be another year older tomorrow. Can’t say that I’m looking forward to that too much, the usual blessings aside.


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