Aches And Pains, Yet Again

As my practice, I reserved a day off after my birthday, because really, I wouldn’t be in the right mindset to take in calls anyway.  That, and I also wanted to have a day all to myself for a change.  And yes, this meant that I spent most of it catching up on my sleep, despite my father’s best attempts to throw me out of bed.

I did eventually get up from bed though, but only to freshen up (meaning washing my face and gargling ahaha), and have a very late lunch.  As usual my father grumbled about how I wasn’t getting enough exercise, but he always did that even when I was slim, so I ignored him this time.

And doing something about my weight situation was exactly foremost in my mind.  Since last night, I started on my old exercise routine, though not surprisingly the lack of practice led to a lot of pain come this morning.  It’s still a start, and I’ll continue to do so, while at the same time reducing my intake.  All of this will be done in secret of course (meaning whatever exercise I’ll be doing will be in the evening), to avoid my father’s usual jives.  The old man needs to learn that whatever the heck works on him doesn’t work on me (or my sister for that matter).

In any case, this will be a long and very painful process.  And I hope to see things through.


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