Calm, As Usual

It started out cloudy today, but I didn’t bring an umbrella with me to work.  I was a bit unlucky in that regard, as it started to rain briskly as I walked to the MRT station.  Thankfully I was merely wet, and not soaked to the skin, and what’s more the rain started to weaken once I got to the train platform.

Didn’t have any impediment heading to the office, as the roads were strangely clear of vehicles… Then I remembered it was the SONA today, which meant that it was technically a holiday.

Although I was able to set up my system with time to spare, I didn’t log in immediately.  Instead, I had to eat the packed lunch I had brought with me, mostly due to the fact that I wasn’t able to eat breakfast in my rush to leave the house.  I kind of over-estimated my time in finishing off the rice too, and ended up logging in some two minutes late.  Buh.

The shift was nothing special, mostly membership calls, though the rain intensified outside, and again things dropped to “foggy”-level visibility for a while.  Also conveniently the other members of the team lost access to their membership application programs, so I was left to answer application calls for a while.

There wasn’t any rain once the shift ended, and I was able to get home without incident, and without any detours.  Incidentally I didn’t go to sleep once I got home, but instead stayed and killed the time watching the anime I set to download while I was at the office, all the while waiting for the Kantai Collection update to finish.

I’m a little worried about tomorrow, and not just because it’s a Tuesday shift, but because there are rumblings that we’re going to be understaffed, due to most of the team being out. That bodes really ill.


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