Weighted Toward The Side I Prefer

Woke up relatively late today, as apparently I had woken up when the alarm rang, turned it off, then went right to bed. As a result, my father had to rouse me again, though this time around there was considerably less trouble once I noted the time.

There was a bit of rain on the way, but even then I elected to leave behind the umbrella this time. Got to the MRT station only slightly wet, and by the time I hit Makati there wasn’t even a drop of rain in sight.  There were few vehicles again, but I suppose it’s due to the holiday again.

We weren’t quite understaffed as I had feared yesterday, though the queues did get backed up once or twice.  I was kind of lucky, as I was once again assigned to only the merchant and membership queues, so no stress associated to CS calls. That’s not to say that the membership queues were easy, but at least you had some measure of control on them.

It was raining for most of the day again, though by the time I got off it had petered out again, so I was able to get home without getting wet.

After going through the usual afternoon activities when I got home, I went and did that nap that I should have done yesterday.


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