Those Shuffling Half In Shadow

Wasn't really able to get a good night's rest, what with my sister only leaving my room at around two in the morning (since she was browsing the internet on my laptop, and didn't really want to bother the baby while he slept).  I drifted in and out of slumber, until finally I just dragged … Continue reading Those Shuffling Half In Shadow

Late To Rise, Sleepyhead

Woke up pretty late today, barely an hour left to lunch actually.  Apparently my sister did too, but in her case I had to rouse her from bed so all of us could eat lunch together. The day was mostly slow, but could have ended better, because just a few minutes ago as my baby … Continue reading Late To Rise, Sleepyhead

Just Those Little Changes In Plans

Although I did meet up with my sister, the baby, and his caretaker today, much of the details involved were different from what we had agreed on last night.  For one, I didn't have to go meet with them at Trinoma (since my sister was coming along, having secured the right to work from the house … Continue reading Just Those Little Changes In Plans

Not Enough Variation

Nothing much to share for today.  My morning habits and cleaning my room aside, most of what I did was sit in front of my PC or eat.  It's a sad and dreary existence, for sure.It rained a bit during the afternoon, though it was not strong enough for my father to take a bath … Continue reading Not Enough Variation

Surely An Experience

Word for the wise: a tablespoon of brown sugar does not neutralize the spiciness of a tablespoon of black pepper. Well, with that lesson in culinary adventurism leaned, I can't really say that there's much to share about my day, aside from the fact that, in order to hide my cooking experimentation, I pretty much overloaded … Continue reading Surely An Experience

T’was Wet Throughout

Despite my phone alarm's best effort, I wasn't able to rouse myself from bed at eight. No, I only shuffled off the mattress close to eleven, which meant by the time I went downstairs to freshen up, I didn't have breakfast at all, and instead shared in lunch with my father.  He was rather miffed … Continue reading T’was Wet Throughout

Finally Went And Got That Appointment

As promised, I went out and tried to find an EENT to consult with my sinus issue.  I first went to MOA and the clinic there, but apparently they weren't sure if the doctor was going to come in (as it was a holiday), so I immediately went and hit the MRT, where I rode … Continue reading Finally Went And Got That Appointment