Those Shuffling Half In Shadow

August 31, 2014

Wasn’t really able to get a good night’s rest, what with my sister only leaving my room at around two in the morning (since she was browsing the internet on my laptop, and didn’t really want to bother the baby while he slept).  I drifted in and out of slumber, until finally I just dragged myself out of bed again… And realized that it was barely five in the morning.

This time around it was I who dragged my father out of bed,and reminded him that he had some morning shopping that needed to be done for my sister (who apparently wanted a kilo of ground pork to bring back with her to Quezon City).  So off the both of us went to the wet market, with myself trying to keep from stumbling around like a drunken fool.

In any case, the excursion to the market ended fine, though I did take a bath as soon as I got home. And once I went upstairs to my room and after I got changed…I was out like a light.  Didn’t wake up again until it was a few minutes before lunchtime, which was a bit of good timing, as I was able to see my sister and the baby off this time around (after eating lunch of course).

The rest of the afternoon passed slowly after that. There was a bit of rain during the late afternoon however, which forced me and my father to bring umbrellas with us to avoid getting soaked when we went out to church.

In any case, vacation’s over for yours truly. Tomorrow it’s back to the job hunt.  Being unemployed is never pleasant.  Hopefully I can get something that doesn’t require me talking to someone over the phone.

Anime Watched: Barakamon, Captain Earth, Aldnoah Zero.


Late To Rise, Sleepyhead

August 30, 2014

Woke up pretty late today, barely an hour left to lunch actually.  Apparently my sister did too, but in her case I had to rouse her from bed so all of us could eat lunch together.

The day was mostly slow, but could have ended better, because just a few minutes ago as my baby nephew was ambling off to follow his grandfather to my sister’s room, one of his fingers got caught in the corner as the door closed… and it was my fault, as I tend to close the door to my room on habit.  Cue a whole lot of pained crying from the baby, and quite a tongue-lashing from my father on my “bad habit” (closing the door behind me).  *sigh*

Anime Watched Today: Rokujouma no Shinryakusha.

Just Those Little Changes In Plans

August 29, 2014

Although I did meet up with my sister, the baby, and his caretaker today, much of the details involved were different from what we had agreed on last night.  For one, I didn’t have to go meet with them at Trinoma (since my sister was coming along, having secured the right to work from the house again), and instead just met up with them at the Taft MRT station itself.  Also, the meeting itself occurred well after lunchtime, rather than the “opening time” at Trinoma, due to the fact that a combination of sluggish vehicular traffic plus strong rain in the Quezon City area (our neighborhood only suffered a short shower) made getting to Trinoma a challenge in itself.

The baby was well-behaved of course, and didn’t make a fuss when I took him from his mum once we got to our neighborhood.  I didn’t carry him all the way though (little guy was getting heavy), and instead set him down once we arrived at the street that led straight to our house. We walked the rest of the way, though for some reason he gestured to be carried again once we got into the gate to our apartment. Hmm.

Rest of the afternoon passed relatively quietly.  There was a bit of rain again from mid-to-late afternoon, but as usual, it wasn’t strong enough to bath in, as my father complained.

Anyway, since the baby hasn’t gotten any recent pictures of him walking the bayfront at the Mall of Asia, my father’s cooked up plans for us to go there tomorrow morning for a combo of walk and picture-taking. We’ll have to see how that goes, as neither me nor my sister have been early risers of late.

Anime Watched Today: Magimoji Rurumo, Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen, Futsuu no Joshikousei ga Locodol Yattemita, Jinsei.

Not Enough Variation

August 28, 2014

Nothing much to share for today.  My morning habits and cleaning my room aside, most of what I did was sit in front of my PC or eat.  It’s a sad and dreary existence, for sure.

It rained a bit during the afternoon, though it was not strong enough for my father to take a bath in, so he just had to make due with our shower again.

Oh, and my sister called this afternoon (while my father was in the bathroom taking a bath actually), and asked me to be the one to pick up my nephew and his minder tomorrow rather than my father.  Wonder what brought that about.

In any case, if I’m to wake early to go to them, I have to go to bed now.  Mostly done with the Kantai Collection post-event farming anyway, though I’m still annoyed that I didn’t get any good drops for my final run.  Oh well.

Surely An Experience

August 27, 2014

Word for the wise: a tablespoon of brown sugar does not neutralize the spiciness of a tablespoon of black pepper.

Well, with that lesson in culinary adventurism leaned, I can’t really say that there’s much to share about my day, aside from the fact that, in order to hide my cooking experimentation, I pretty much overloaded myself again with food. Not good at all.

My father and I pretty much avoided each other aside from Lunch, where he took the opportunity to snap at me about not filling up water bottles when I should.  Sheesh.

The Kantai Collection Summer Event is winding down.  Still haven’t gotten some ships I want, but most of them barring Tanikaze can be found in normal maps anyway.  Will still try a few more runs tomorrow, but I won’t hold out much luck.

Back to looking for work next week, it looks like.

Anime Watched: Momokyun Sword, Himegoto, Mahou Shoujo Taisen.

T’was Wet Throughout

August 26, 2014

Despite my phone alarm’s best effort, I wasn’t able to rouse myself from bed at eight. No, I only shuffled off the mattress close to eleven, which meant by the time I went downstairs to freshen up, I didn’t have breakfast at all, and instead shared in lunch with my father.  He was rather miffed at that fact, actually.

It started to rain sometime after noon, and this continued for most of the afternoon. It wasn’t strong rain, but it was enough to splash against my clothes when I went out to deposit the remains of the money I had yesterday — two thousand fifty pesos all told.  My bank account is looking mighty sad right now, which means that I have to really start looking for work starting next month.

Aside from that, pretty much my standard day, aside from the fact that I just had to lock the door after my uncle, who just left for another tour overseas as a seaman.  It’ll probably be another year before we see him again, and hopefully my fortunes have turned by then.  Hopefully my waistline’s gone down by then too..

Anime Watched: Hanayamata, Space Dandy.

Finally Went And Got That Appointment

August 25, 2014

As promised, I went out and tried to find an EENT to consult with my sinus issue.  I first went to MOA and the clinic there, but apparently they weren’t sure if the doctor was going to come in (as it was a holiday), so I immediately went and hit the MRT, where I rode to Trinoma, specifically the Medical City that my sister visited and thus suggested.  This time there was an EENT specialist available for the day, thankfully, but I had to wait until at least twelve.  I signed my name, and then spent the next forty-five odd minutes or so walking around Trinoma, before I settled down in the food court right underneath Landmark’s department store.

I returned to the clinic as promised by noon, but by then things were getting crowded.  I settled in for the wait, and at one point I got worried that my appointment got buried under all the new arrivals.  After something like forty more minutes though, my name was finally called, and then I followed the doctor to his office.

There I explained my situation before the actual check-up, that my sinus situation was a recurring problem, but this time around it felt like it had gotten noticeably worse.  After a brief study, the doctor confirms that left sinus opening was noticeably swollen than usual.  He wrote up a prescription, throwing in some steroids too, to see if it helps, but if it doesn’t do anything, I’m to stop with the medication and check back with him ASAP.

With the prescription in hand, it was off to pay for the consultation fee — a full five hundred pesos, which of course hurt since I still hadn’t found work, and what’s more, I had medicine to buy.  I texted my father that I was going to need to use the one hundred dollars my mother had sent for my birthday a month or so before, so when I got home, I asked for it, headed over to the money-changer in the nearby mall, then headed to the Mercury Drug store that was located just beside it once I got the money converted to pesos.

The total amount spent for the medicine was more or less about a thousand and seven hundred pesos.  My father was obviously not happy at the expenditure, and spent every opportunity to mention how shameful it is that I wasn’t able to use my savings for the medicine, etc.  As my habit to these ramblings of his, I tuned him out completely.

There was a bit of rain late-afternoon, preceded by a good and cool breeze.  Too bad that comfortable lowering of temperature didn’t persist after the rain, and it’s uncomfortably humid again.

Trying to recoup resources and buckets for the usual Kancolle runs tonight, but the results aren’t really as fruitful as I’d like.  About four days left until the end of the event.

Anime Watched: Sabagebu!, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.