Working Through That Pile

I woke up early today, despite not having planned to do so.  Still took me a while to get off the bed, but when I finally did, it was off downstairs to work on this weekend’s laundry… and boy, what a pile it turned out to be.  Let’s just say that there was just so many clothes that it filled one of our large washpans to overflowing, and it took me long to work though that it actually started raining by the time I was done with it all (and I was forced to run indoors due to said rain).

My sister didn’t bring along the baby this time around, as apparently while the rain passed through our neighborhood quickly enough (thought it was a strong and windy thirty minutes), the rain lingered at Quezon city, so they couldn’t leave even if they wanted to.  So things passed relatively quietly here at home, though this does mean that my father was going to try and visit them tomorrow to make up for it.

As for me, aaaah, I’d have wanted to go out and watch a movie for a change, but got no budget, so stuck at home as usual.  Kind of sad, really.


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