Start With Rain, End With Rain

Although it wasn’t raining when I woke up, our area suffered intermittent rain for most of the morning, which forced my father to actually bring in some of the laundry and have them dry instead in the clotheslines that were in my room as well as my sister’s. The strength of the rain varied, with some strong but short bursts, and mid-length but otherwise moderate downpour.  Regardless, it was enough for my father to postpone his trip to my sister’s, and instead will just go there with my uncle again tomorrow, weather permitting.

As for myself, it was still the same sort of wekend modus operandi for me, though this time around I had the good sense of taking a nap during the late afternoon for a change.  Of course, this does mean that I woke up mid-evening again, but it shouldn’t take too long before I hit the sack again.

Oh, and it’s raining obviously, but without any breeze, none of that coolness seems to be coming into my room.  In fact it’s awfully humid-feeling right now, which is annoying.

Tomorrow’s back to work, and aside from the weather, I can only hope everyone comes in for duty. 


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