A Case Of Timing

It’s a little funny. I managed to rouse myself from bed once the alarm on my phone started ringing.  This, despite the fact that I actually went to bed quite late — around two or so in the morning.  I figured that, since I got up early anyway, I might as well get ready for work. So I did.  I had a bath, got changed, had breakfast, and was all ready to go to work.  All I had to do was finishing brushing my teeth, and I was okay to go.

And then it started raining.  Hard.

It was hard enough that I not only had to take out the umbrella I had packed in my carry bag, but wear a jacket as well.  It continued to rain until I got to the MRT station, at which its strength started to wane.  By the time I got to Makati, it was barely shower-strength, though the wind was still in evidence.

Arrived at the office without incident, and managed to log in with more than enough time to spare.  And what’s more, I got another remote server that could play Kantai Collection.  Ended up handling merchant and membership calls as usual, though there was a point where the merchant side went down simultaenously for everyone, forcing us to do downtime spiels again.  Always annoying when that happens, especially in the middle of a transaction (mine was a two-part one, where I managed to approve the first, but wasn’t able to process the second due to said system going down).

Had to focus on memberships for a while, until well after my lunch break, where things managed to sort themselves out on the merchant side.

Oh, and apparently the OM’s cracking down (again) on non business-like practices, including browsing during calls, as there would be live monitoring.  That kind of explained why we couldn’t mess with the Internet options anymore. This led me to spend most of my remaining shift — the ones not occupied by the quarterly performance test — trying to find out how to delete both my browsing history as well as dropdown history.  Buh.

It didn’t rain on the way home, but it started to pour hard barely half an hour after I got back.  I figured that it would be a good time to call it an afternoon, so I took a nap.

Midweek again tomorrow.  Here’s to hoping for less issues, and more downtime in between calls, though with the crackdown there’d be little to do with that extra avail time.  Hmm.


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