Facing That Music

So I’ve been informed about my meaning with the HR for the final decision of the upper management about my case: two in the afternoon, right after my shift.  Not really looking forward to it, and not really positive about my prospects — again, I need to remind everyone that I underwent two HR hearings over the past month, where many people only experience one over the course of their employment lifetimes.  Ugh, ruined my enthusiasm for that day, right there.

As for today in general, suffice to say that it started really rainy, enough that I had to once again not only bring an umbrella, but wear a jacket to work.  The shift was similar to yesterday, in that I took in only merchant and membership calls, except this time around I took only merchant calls for one hour, followed by an hour of only membership calls, then things normalized (meaning the usual queue mix) after that.  It was quite odd though, like it was being done on purpose.  Hmm.

The embargo on browsing seriously limited everyone’s choices on what to do in between calls. Myself, I had to make do with a Word document I saved that had chapters 19-32 of To The Stars (the PMMM fanfic, obviously), but there’s only so much enjoyment I can squeeze out from something I’ve read from start to end several times. 

Thankfully, no rain when I got out for the afternoon, though this meant that I had to go out in the sunny afternoon still wearing my jacket.  When I got home, I did the usual Kantai Collection stuff, then jumped into bed, this time not setting my timer.

Ah, tomorrow. Moment of truth.  NOT happy about it.


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