First Day Out Of Work

Funny how things turned out.  I actually woke up early to get some of the preliminary stuff in Kancolle out of the way in preparation for the Operation AL/MI event.  When I got all that done, it was off downstairs…except I didn’t get far when my father told me that, yeah, he already did the laundry, and I instead had to get prepared to meet my sister and her family over at SM North Edsa for the family picture taking.

So that’s what I did — took a quick bath, selected a light-colored outfit set, then it was off to SM North for the both of us, with my uncle staying behind to watch the house for us.

Arrived at the photo studio just as they were in the midst of a shoot.  We joined in easily enough, and it was good timing too, as the baby was likely sleepy and was no longer in the mood to smile for the camera.  We still had some pictures taken, but the shoot was more or less done at that point.

Oh, while they changed the baby’s diapers, I did a quick detour to a nearby BDO ATM to check whether or not I got my salary for the month.  And there it was.  Needless to say I quickly withrew the seven thousand and three hundred pesos there.

We didn’t go home immediately, and instead went to this katsu joint for brunch — it even had us grind sesame seeds for the katsu sauce, heh.  I elected to try the cream dory katsu curry, but as expected, even their “hot” mix for the curry was pretty mild compared to the real stuff we tasted in Singapore.  Also the rest of us had to pitch in and help finish off the baby’s caretaker’s share.  Such a finicky eater.

My sister and her husband and the rest of us parted ways after (she had work to go to, and my brother-in-law needed to go home for some shuteye), with us carrying the baby with us to the MRT.  The little guy was THIS close to falling asleep, then the sounds in the MRT made him go back to wakefulness, and he stayed awake for the rest of the trip.

I didn’t go with them straight home, but instead went to my bank to deposit my (final) pay into my savings account.  Too bad half of it went into paying off my Mastercard bill. Buh.

As for Kancolle… The update was pushed back to 21:30 PM, THEN the DMM login server decided to screw a whole lot of us over, as it went down due to many players trying to log in at the same time. I still can’t log in as of this post.


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