Just In Case Anyone Was Wondering…

I didn’t really do much today, except watch the baby and alternately continue stockpiling resources for Kantai Collection’s Summer event, as well as a few tentative probes into the first stage of the event proper

The only real stand-out occurrence was how my father, during the early evening, casually walked into my room, and then proceeded to give me a sermon at how listless and without direction I was, and how I was wasting my time doing nothing…

Except tatay, I’ve only been out of work for barely three days.  That’s the type of talk you give your progeny if they’ve been hanging around the house for half a year.  Sheesh

In any case, still going to focus on gathering resources (mainly ammo) in between probes of E1.  Two successes, but given how the RNG works in the game, can’t really become too comfortable. Still got lots of time.


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