Getting Into These Idle Days

Another day of indolence, I’m afraid.  I really have to find a better way to spend my day, but at this rate I might just have to help with the chores again barring the dishes.  Hmm.

In any case, aside from the usual practices of personal maintenance (taking a bath, brushing my teeth), I spent most of the day in front of my PC doing, what else, Kantai Collection.  The Summer event has been a whole lot more difficult than any of us had expected.  And although I managed to clear the first stage of the event without too much difficulty, the second part is another level altogether, due to some additional conditions.  Ugh.

So it’s back to resource-gathering, and planning again how to tackle this quandry.  It’s way too early for me to be knocked out of this yet!

That aside, my nephew and his minder stayed with us for a change, rather than going home to my sister’s house as they usually do.  Sister’s fever hadn’t gone down yet, and they didn’t want to risk having the baby catch whatever it was causing it.


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