Too Early For Decent Company

My body clock somehow decided that it would be good to be up and about at five, despite the fact that I no longer had any work to look forward to.  Since I was already up, I figured that I’d tag along with my father’s morning walk, though I did manage to convince him to take a shorter circuit this time, and rather than go around the perimeter of the Mall of Asia like we used to before I started work at my previous company, we instead passed through the San Juan de Dios side straight to Libertad.

Once there, it was straight to the Pasay City public market, which was the signal to take out my canvas market bag.  For this particular outing, it was fish — a kilo of small tuna and a small stack of five milkfish cut up in daing style, followed by some hotdogs and squidballs.  There was also some actual squid by the way, at the same stall as the fish, but my father passed on it, as apparently fifty-five pesos per half kilo was too much.  Ironically, he also bought a quarter-kilo’s worth of shrimp for around sixty-pesos, but as I soon learned he planned on having us prepare sinigang for lunch anyway. 

On the way back, we passed by a few other stands — one for bananas, another for an unripe papaya, and yet another for a small bushel of kangkong (which incidentally was right beside a stall where he forgot some tomatoes he bought yesterday, and which were promptly given to him a bit riper by a day).  After that, it was straight home… well, technically there was a detour to the local grocery for some sampaloc mix for the sinigang, as well as a tri-pack of 1.5 soda petbottles (Pepsi yeah), then it was straight home.

Took a bath almost right after… and then proceeded to spend the rest of the day in idleness again, intersped between watching the baby, eating, and playing Kantai Collection, the latter of which I cleared the third phase of its event.  Now recovering what resources I could, then it’s onward to the next phase hopefully on schedule by tomorrow.

Hopped up on too much caffeine though, just to maximize the amount of resource-gathering expeditions I can do before I hit the sack.  Serious business, these seasonal events.


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