Can’t Really Say Much, Again

Regardless of my feelings about the competency of the management at my former place of employment, at least having work gave me some stuff to share about.  Being unemployed really sucks, as far as journal-keeping goes.

Let’s see, I woke up early again due to habit, at which I did some of the easier daily quests in Kantai Collection, then I went down to do my usual morning rituals (washing my face and gargling, obviously).  I was surprised that I wasn’t pestered by my father about the laundry, but I suppose it was due to how we both assumed that the baby’s minder would take care of it during the day (she didn’t, which means laundry proper maybe tomorrow).  Spent the rest of the day alternating between sitting in front of the PC, minding the baby when my father needed to do something, aside the usual lunchtime and bath time.

The baby spent an inordinate time in my room during the afternoon, since my father brought him in with the belief that, if we turned on the AC, he’d go to sleep easier (he’d been awake for way too long by this point). It didn’t exactly work, and the little guy carried on as if he was hyped on sugar.  Then during one of his jumps on my bed, he jumped right into metal edge of my bed, which of course led to much crying.  My father got him to calm down, but after a changed diaper later, and a trip downstairs, he was apparently out like a light.

As for me, I continued on with my usual Kancolle build-up.  Finally got to the point where I figured I was ready to face the fifth segment of the event early evening (after a two-hour nap), and I’ve been puttering at it since that time.  Let’s see how far I can get before I get sleepy.


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