Breaking That Resource Bank

Today was mostly similar to yesterday, except this time around my sister finally dropped by, though she spent most of the morning and the better part of the early afternoon trying to catch up on her sleep.  As for me, since I was done with the event proper already, I just spent most of the day farming the event stages (E-5 first, then shifted to E-4 when I found out that Akashi didn’t drop for any admiral lower than level 105).  

Hilariously enough, I think I’ve spent more resources farming than I’d actually spent on the event stages themselves.  Go figure.  Got a few rare ships I wanted (Zuihou, Amatsukaze, Akitsumaru, Hatsukaze), but one in particular (Mikuma) has eluded me so far.  Lets try again tomorrow.

Oh, that, and it rained hard during the late afternoon, but that was to be expected after it started to get really dark around four or so.  My father worried that some parts of the roof might start leaking, what with the strong wind and all, but it was unfounded this time.  Too bad the wind wasn’t sustained, as while it rained, it still stayed somewhat humid and uncomfortable, at least in my room. Sheesh.

Gonna try to rein in my farming urges tomorrow, and just let my resources regen, and just finish some quests.


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