Prognosis: Resources Recovering

Today I woke up relatively late.  It was already close to lunch actually, and by this point apparently both my sister and the baby had already been picked up by my brother-in law. Though apparently they’ll be back by Tuesday, due to it being a holiday or something.

Spent the rest of the day just puttering around in Kantai Collection, recouping resources for more farming in a few days.  No sorties, just enough to finish off the remaining ammo-related daily and weekly quests.  Just kept on running expeditions, and since I didn’t have work I was able to micromanage all three expedition fleets, so the my resources, ammo specifically, are returning from just “sad” to “respectable” numbers.

It was cloudy today, and I was actually expecting some rain, but the latter didn’t happen. Oh well, at least there was a good breeze this time, so the afternoon was comfortable for a change.

Oh, and I took one of the old cellphones we had lying around, and bought it a new (prepaid) simcard… Except I then found out that it was restricted, and couldn’t use the sim.  This forced me to go to a cellphone shop to have it unlocked, then converted, but at the end of it, we gained a functioning phone.  Cost me three hundred pesos though. 

Taking it easy, but thinking of looking at the usual job-hunting places starting tomorrow.  Just to get my father off my back.


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