Hopping And Skipping, Thought Not Because I Want To

I woke up early again, but this time around I put some of that to good use.  I changed the covers to my bed and pillows, scrubbed and sweeped the floor to my room.  Wasn’t able to cook lunch this time, as my father beat me to it anyway.

Oh, and I’m suffering what looks to be a build-up of uric acid on my right heel (it looks like a bruise actually, and actually hurts when I touch it even a bit).  Makes it as hard as heck to walk, though I tried not to make it obvious while my father was around (as he’d use it to sermon me over my lack of activity).  When he’s not around however, I have to make do with some awkward hopping.  Not pleasant at all.

I also wanted to check on getting a cedula (or a resident’s tax slip), however when I went to the barangay office nearby they didn’t have any, as only the City Hall gave those out apparently… and since it was a holiday (the anniversary of Ninoy Aquino’s assassination), the City Hall was out of the question.

As we were expecting my sister and the baby today, my father and I didn’t bother putting up the laundry, as the baby’s caretaker would see to it anyway.  Spent the rest of the day at an idle pace, until my sister arrived in the afternoon.

Took a long nap at the end of the afternoon, and here I am.  It’s raining at this moment, so I hope that would help with the humidity a bit, as it was making it hard to go back to sleep.

Anime Watched Today: Fate Kaleidliner Prisma Illya Zwei, Majimoji Rurumo.

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