Still Okay, By All Accounts

I think this extended time of relative inactivity has exacerbated my pre-existing sinus problems.  Frankly I’m having a hard time breathing through my left nostril these past few days, and I think this more or less merits a visit to an EENT specialist.  Too bad I wasn’t able to visit one while I still had a health card, but that’s what happened when  one loses one’s work all of a sudden.  So tomorrow, I’m heading out.

Most of the day passed leisurely.  Resources look good in the Kantai Collection front, so it’s back to farming in maybe an hour or less.

Oh, and the family went to church with the baby this time around… too bad me and my father had to take turns walking the baby around the front of the church for most of the mass itself, but that was expected really.

Anime Watched: Aldnoah Zero, Captain Earth, Barakamon.


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