T’was Wet Throughout

Despite my phone alarm’s best effort, I wasn’t able to rouse myself from bed at eight. No, I only shuffled off the mattress close to eleven, which meant by the time I went downstairs to freshen up, I didn’t have breakfast at all, and instead shared in lunch with my father.  He was rather miffed at that fact, actually.

It started to rain sometime after noon, and this continued for most of the afternoon. It wasn’t strong rain, but it was enough to splash against my clothes when I went out to deposit the remains of the money I had yesterday — two thousand fifty pesos all told.  My bank account is looking mighty sad right now, which means that I have to really start looking for work starting next month.

Aside from that, pretty much my standard day, aside from the fact that I just had to lock the door after my uncle, who just left for another tour overseas as a seaman.  It’ll probably be another year before we see him again, and hopefully my fortunes have turned by then.  Hopefully my waistline’s gone down by then too..

Anime Watched: Hanayamata, Space Dandy.

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