Surely An Experience

Word for the wise: a tablespoon of brown sugar does not neutralize the spiciness of a tablespoon of black pepper.

Well, with that lesson in culinary adventurism leaned, I can’t really say that there’s much to share about my day, aside from the fact that, in order to hide my cooking experimentation, I pretty much overloaded myself again with food. Not good at all.

My father and I pretty much avoided each other aside from Lunch, where he took the opportunity to snap at me about not filling up water bottles when I should.  Sheesh.

The Kantai Collection Summer Event is winding down.  Still haven’t gotten some ships I want, but most of them barring Tanikaze can be found in normal maps anyway.  Will still try a few more runs tomorrow, but I won’t hold out much luck.

Back to looking for work next week, it looks like.

Anime Watched: Momokyun Sword, Himegoto, Mahou Shoujo Taisen.


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