Not Enough Variation

Nothing much to share for today.  My morning habits and cleaning my room aside, most of what I did was sit in front of my PC or eat.  It’s a sad and dreary existence, for sure.

It rained a bit during the afternoon, though it was not strong enough for my father to take a bath in, so he just had to make due with our shower again.

Oh, and my sister called this afternoon (while my father was in the bathroom taking a bath actually), and asked me to be the one to pick up my nephew and his minder tomorrow rather than my father.  Wonder what brought that about.

In any case, if I’m to wake early to go to them, I have to go to bed now.  Mostly done with the Kantai Collection post-event farming anyway, though I’m still annoyed that I didn’t get any good drops for my final run.  Oh well.


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