Those Shuffling Half In Shadow

Wasn’t really able to get a good night’s rest, what with my sister only leaving my room at around two in the morning (since she was browsing the internet on my laptop, and didn’t really want to bother the baby while he slept).  I drifted in and out of slumber, until finally I just dragged myself out of bed again… And realized that it was barely five in the morning.

This time around it was I who dragged my father out of bed,and reminded him that he had some morning shopping that needed to be done for my sister (who apparently wanted a kilo of ground pork to bring back with her to Quezon City).  So off the both of us went to the wet market, with myself trying to keep from stumbling around like a drunken fool.

In any case, the excursion to the market ended fine, though I did take a bath as soon as I got home. And once I went upstairs to my room and after I got changed…I was out like a light.  Didn’t wake up again until it was a few minutes before lunchtime, which was a bit of good timing, as I was able to see my sister and the baby off this time around (after eating lunch of course).

The rest of the afternoon passed slowly after that. There was a bit of rain during the late afternoon however, which forced me and my father to bring umbrellas with us to avoid getting soaked when we went out to church.

In any case, vacation’s over for yours truly. Tomorrow it’s back to the job hunt.  Being unemployed is never pleasant.  Hopefully I can get something that doesn’t require me talking to someone over the phone.

Anime Watched: Barakamon, Captain Earth, Aldnoah Zero.

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