Single Company Marathon

Woke up extremely late today (eleven or so in the morning), but it was okay this time, as there was only a single agency this time, which was based in the extremely posh Bonifacio Global City.  Got there without trouble, though I kind of mistook the mall that was attached to the corporate building to be the place I needed to be (it wasn’t; the SM Aura mall only went up to 5 floors, and the place I needed to go to, SM Aura Corporate had more than 11 floors).  Good thing I asked around, then huffed it to the corporate center with time to spare.

There was the usual battery of tests, before I was asked to wait after each. After the second one, I was given an interview by one of the higher-ups, before being told that, if everything went well, if I was called back tomorrow it meant that I was as good as hired.

At that I went downstairs again, and was almost into the mall proper again, when the company called me again.  Apparently that wasn’t everything — I still had to do another exam, and what had happened earlier was a bit of a mistake on their part.  You see, the way things should have worked, is that I should have finished three tests, then given the interview.  Oh well.

I went back to their office, finished the exam, then sat to wait for the results in the lobby.  After a while, I was met by another of the company’s executives, and informed that this was the true final interview.  I was informed that I did pretty well, but she was still on the fence with regards to hiring me.  They needed people though, so there was a good chance I might be taken in.  In any case, again, I was to wait for their call or message, and only then would I dare to hope that I won’t end the month dead broke.

Though I am worried at how an expanding account could lose eight people from the get-go… 

It was already late in the evening once I got back home, and all the time I kept on wondering about how to save money if I got hired, as the location didn’t have many eateries an agent can huff to during their break where food could be found on the cheap.  Blah.

No anime watched today, too tired. Will catch up on those tomorrow if I can.


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