Sure, Bug The Jobless Again

The little bayside trip didn’t go forward after all, as my father, seeing the gloomy skies that came around this morning, decided to just let us sleep for the rest of the morning.  Of course, this still didn’t stop the baby from waking up before my sister and I, but the little guy managed to tire himself out eventually before lunchtime.

Speaking of which, it’s my sister’s birthday tomorrow, and yet she keeps on bugging me to buy her a present.  Me, the one who’s not employed yet.  *facepalm*  In any case, I could only say that I’d see what I can scrape up, but for the most part this means accompanying my father to the wet market tomorrow morning to buy stuff again, likely squid and skewered pork to barbecue for lunch.

Aside from that, pretty slow day, by all accounts, but that’s to be expected for a Saturday.


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