A Birthday Party, Not Quite Subdued

Today was my sister’s birthday, so suffice to say that our family did our best to celebrate it with the budget that we currently had.  For yours truly, this meant an early-morning visit with my father to the wet market, where we went about buying the ingredients we would need for the traditional valenciana and pancit, while my father also bought some shrimp (of which he somehow managed to contrive the vendor to include a massive prawn among its number) for some halabos, and pork skewers for barbecuing.  As for my contribution to our trip, aside from being the one carrying most of what was bought, I managed to track down one of those huge lumot squid that was perfect for grilling (which I subsequently helped prepare with seasoning and spices, then wrapped in foil when we got home).

All this, despite the fact that I had only technically two hours of sleep to my name.  Hmm.

The preparation started in earnest once we got home, but with the baby up and about, we had to take care that he didn’t accidentally wander outside once the grilling started.  That little bit aside, the preparation for the birthday lunch went mostly without a hitch, though when we found out that we had apparently ran out of yellow food coloring, we had to use what was left of our cumin powder to give the valenciana its expected yellow color.

And then, all we had to do was wait for my brother-in-law to arrive with the birthday cake (which we soon learned was a type of ice cream cake that was more or less melted once he got to our house), before we dug in.  I kind of passed on the pancit this time, and focused on the valenciana and shrimp halabos (obviously my sister got the big prawn), but when the squid was done (I had left it out on the grill, as it was the last to be put on it), that was soon shared with everyone on the table, and boy, was it perfect.

My sister and her family left late in the afternoon, taking half of the food with them.  As for me and my father, well, it’s back to the usual, though I have several job interviews lined up tomorrow as usual.  Kind of missing out on anime as a result. Oh well.

Anime Watched: Aldnoah Zero, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Sabagebu (last week’s episode), Hanayamata, Yama no Susume.


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