Another Round of Disappointment

Another day, another try at finding work. My initial plan to visit two companies got derailed a bit, when a visit to one of my choices eventually led to a round of exams and interviews, which took most of the day.  In the end though, I didn’t get the contract, because apparently this time around I was far too “expensive” to hire for that particular account.  By the time I left that bit of disappointment, it was already late afternoon, which meant that I went home empty-handed yet again.  At least I didn’t get soaked once the rain started…

My father, sometime during the evening, started with his usual antics, dispensing “advise” that eventually morphed into a sermon about how I wasn’t using my smarts to, you know, earn money, or even finish my Master’s Degree (which needs money…).  I ignored him, obviously.

Tomorrow, another day, another effort.  I’ll see if I have a chance at an online education job, which pays a whole lot… I just hope that I can meet the qualifications they need, though I have no idea what those are, as the requirements were pretty vague.  Hopefully not some units in Education.


One Response to Another Round of Disappointment

  1. Ron says:

    Not sure if this will help, but I saw a lot of job postings at Pinoy Exchange (just google “pinoy exchange bpo jobs”. Good luck!

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