Another Round of Disappointment

Another day, another try at finding work. My initial plan to visit two companies got derailed a bit, when a visit to one of my choices eventually led to a round of exams and interviews, which took most of the day.  In the end though, I didn’t get the contract, because apparently this time around I was far too “expensive” to hire for that particular account.  By the time I left that bit of disappointment, it was already late afternoon, which meant that I went home empty-handed yet again.  At least I didn’t get soaked once the rain started…

My father, sometime during the evening, started with his usual antics, dispensing “advise” that eventually morphed into a sermon about how I wasn’t using my smarts to, you know, earn money, or even finish my Master’s Degree (which needs money…).  I ignored him, obviously.

Tomorrow, another day, another effort.  I’ll see if I have a chance at an online education job, which pays a whole lot… I just hope that I can meet the qualifications they need, though I have no idea what those are, as the requirements were pretty vague.  Hopefully not some units in Education.


One thought on “Another Round of Disappointment

  1. Not sure if this will help, but I saw a lot of job postings at Pinoy Exchange (just google “pinoy exchange bpo jobs”. Good luck!

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