Soaked, And Still Penniless

It was another day, and yet another visit to companies to try my luck at getting employed.  Instead of following up on the referral I got the other day for a spot at Bonifacio Global City (again), I hit Ortigas to scout out the ESL (English-as-second-language) tutorial place.  Once I got there though, I was told to come back at around three in the afternoon, as there was no one who was going to take interviews.  

So rather than just wait, it was off to Taguig again, this time at Market Market itself. It was at Telus for this one, but unfortunately before I could get any further, the fact that I was apparently over-qualified and over-experienced meant that they couldn’t hire me. In short, I was too freaking expensive for that particular account to be considered for hiring.  Urgh.

I didn’t go back to Ortigas after that; instead, I went to the SSS branch over at the SM Aura Corporate tower, to see if I could apply for an SSS Id… Except when I got there, the place was absolutely packed with people, and what’s more, I wasn’t even sure that I qualified for SSS, as my previous job never bothered issuing payslips.  Oh well.

By the time I went out of SM Aura, the dark clouds that had been hanging over the city skies for most of the morning had started to pour forth their contents in a steady stream of rain.  While I wasn’t soaked, I was a bit wet when I got to the Market Market jeepney stop.  From there, it was on to Ayala, then to Ortigas (and Megamall), with bouts of running in the rain in between.

I hung around Megamall for about twenty minutes, waiting at a phone charging station for my phone’s battery to return to a functional level (it got to about 56% before my paid time ended), then it was off to the ESL place… Where it became quickly clear that the pay they had advertised was actually a bit of false advertising (where the pay listed was for senior executives, and yet it was plastered also on ads for simple agents).  Needless to say, that deflated my enthusiasm then and there.

 So, I returned home, tired, soaked, and still without work.  Yay.

So tired. And I’m running behind on my anime watching as a result.


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