Too Much Walking Around Done

Again another day, and my job hunt continues. Paid a visit to one of the headhunter agencies I went to last week (this was after lunchtime), and informed them how the first referral they gave me the other week didn’t work out.  They gave me two more this week, both located at Bonifacio Global City, so going to see about those when I have the time.

Paid a visit to another agency, and got a referral from them too.  This one’s going to send me to Mandaluyong, so it’s lower on the “to do list” than the previous two.

Finally, just as the day was over, I passed by the Sykes office in Glorietta, as it was on the way.  Spent a while waiting for my turn, as there were a lot of other applicants too. Learned they were handling something related to Google, which is interesting to know…

In any case, got a final interview for that one tomorrow morning.  I won’t let my hopes up much, as I’ve been turned back at the final interview before.

By the end of the final interview, it was already past eight-thirty, and what’s more, it was raining.  Good thing the MRT was running, so I was able to dodge one issue.  As for getting home, arrived wet, but not soaked to the skin, so that meant its still a somewhat good end to the day.

Ah, I hope my luck changes.  I really need work, or rather, I need money… Though that reminds me that I have to have more photocopies of my resume done tomorrow, in case the final interview don’t pan out.

No anime watched again. Buh.


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