Allowing Myself To Hope

So it turns out that the final interview that I visited this morning… Really ended up as a successful final interview. Basically, I’m as good as hired; all I need to do is to show up for the start of the training on the 22nd, and I’m set.  

Okay, it’s a financial account, and the basic sign-up, when you include the incentives, is actually a thousand pesos lower than my old pay at my previous work, but the fact that they’re putting me through series 6 and 63 training off the bat promises more incentives.  Plus it’s from Mondays to Fridays, which is always nice.

Still, this does mean that I still have a week and a half to see if I can’t find any better (and well-paying!) alternatives. I’ll have to see.  For now, I’m going to see about renewing my NBI clearance and maybe finally get an SSS ID.  Mmph.

No anime watched today, but tomorrow seems relatively free, so marathon time!


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