Just That Last-Minute Thing

By the way, my sister and her kid (with his caretaker in tow) arrived early in the morning today, which meant I was still awake at one in the morning to meet them.  This also meant that I went to sleep late as well, so you can understand how I felt when I woke up… at around seven in the morning. Ouch.

Spent the rest of the day in idleness, more or less, though my sister mostly took over my room during the late afternoon, as she used the connection to my desktop to work from there.  Kind of jealous at that.  Connection’s been unstable during the early evening though, but at least now it hasn’t cut out on us.

Oh, and I did go out after lunch, to a nearby headhunting agency.  The place was pretty run down, and while they initially had some good leads for me, upselling and me don’t really mix well.  Oh well, they referred me to a place in Ortigas, so I’ll give that place a pass, as I’m going to be in the area to have my NBI clearance renewed anyway

Sister should finish up her work by midnight, so I’ll be able to have the net to myself again.

Anime Watched: Two weeks worth of Argevollen, Prisma Illya, and Locodol.  Still got a lot to catch up on.


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